Tier 10 has Killed the game!

try_againtry_again Registered Users 1,302 Posts
I refuse to have to pay for base upgrades, now that there's no choice.

The 100% inflation rate for prices in upgrades and deflation of recently won/bought items in this game just plain stinks.

I think GLU's continued doubling of price structure has now locked out a good portion of its fans.
  1. The increase of diamond offerings in The Unchosen has not increased from the last level, but the base level cost has doubled.
  2. With 7 day a week tournaments/league events, players are being stripped of their vaults by "over grazing."
  3. Those robbed of their hard earned winnings are leaving their devices in charging mode as much as possible to avoid attacks.
  4. The resultant effect is the constant "opponent is not found" error, and immediate search again - time after time.
  5. Weapons are quickly running out of steam in tougher matches (but campaigns are still too easy), and offering lower relative awards - not double rewards.
  6. Poor matchups for PVP events.
  7. And not to mention, bugs have not been fixed.

With all these mounting problems in the geometric cost to play structure;

The balance of what's given in the game to what's required in the game has officially tipped the scales for me. It is now a rich man's game. I've been outclassed by cost vs enjoyment because of this update.


  • BowbenderBowbender Registered Users 13 Posts
    I agree. I play the game for fun and am at level 90. I play the missions and have never played pvp. I never get attacked but am having a hard time upgrading because the inflation of bases do not match the rewards given. Told glu they run the risk of pricing everything out of reasonable reach. Like the game but will not pay real money to play. Stuck on level 90 not much changed with update. The game setup is flawed as it stands.
  • BowbenderBowbender Registered Users 13 Posts
    Have 2 more upgrades on my base. At 2800 diamonds/hr will take over a week to earn them. No diamond missions left so just waiting and 1 week for 2 upgrades is getting to be a spoiler and getting worse may stop game soon
  • arnmanarnman Registered Users 180 Posts
    I totally agree with what everyone has said. The cost 2 upgrade is absolutely ridiculous. I am on tier 8 and even trying 2 get 160k diamonds collected (cheapest upgrade) is a very daunting task, esp now that the game constantly crashes, so u cant even leave it on anymore 2 keep ur diamonds safe. glu has totally sucked the fun of this game out of it.
  • CaptainmidniteCaptainmidnite Registered Users 42 Posts
    Yep, agree whole heartedly. I have stopped playing when I saw what was involved with level 10. I've moved on to Mortal Kombat X. They of course have in game spending too but it is fun and easily playable without spending money. The app is free for iOS users. I paid $20 for a starter kit in game, I figure I'm still $40 ahead if I bought it for console. It's fun, easy to play and passes the time more enjoyably then this game does for me now.

    Good job GLU, your greed has lost you customers.
  • try_againtry_again Registered Users 1,302 Posts
    To show my point 6 at the thread opening, I have two examples during the past hour for both ends of the specturm. On my strong Android account, I had a matchup against someone with 67 diamonds. This will help me with getting from maxed out Tier 9 to 10 - which needs 12 million diamonds??? I had to pass up 7 matches to find one that made a little profit. All diamonds lost to GLU charges.

    On my weak iOS account, with 3x weapons, I was paired with a Tier 8 matchup? Very rare to have a PVP within 200 pts over my weapon power! Very very rare to have a base matchup at or below 600 range attacks!

    On the strong account, it means nothing to find another opponent, I have to find at least a 2k profit to continue. My weak account, 85 diamonds is very hard to sacrifice - I will except any next level matchup to not loose the few diamonds I have - which means I loose the matchup at least 50% of the time.
  • HandlesHandles Registered Users 911 Posts

    The currency converstion is a known issue. There will be a fix for it coming in the 3.0 game update.
  • disedise Registered Users 4 Posts
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