the update smells awful

Chipp116Chipp116 Junior MemberRegistered Users 61 Posts
We are stealing with this " upgrade" the !!!! We have you out of the hat !!! not enough to make us spend and spend to find fair fight , but when we decided to fight, the game crashes "magically" and suddenly , you lose a battle won .
We have cheated !!! Wake up !!!
Ghosts players , improbable scores , powerful Drones, super protected bases, and no one knows them anything because players are ghosts come with the update ...
Glu : cut your secondary weapon event last week ; and left us half the weapon , incomplete .
With these changes, who you favor ???
Answers for once !!! Just show your face and make the face of such complaint !!!
Respect your customers !!!


  • fhookefhooke New Member Registered Users 32 Posts
    I keep telling people glu is cheating. There is absolutely no way that a level 2000 or 30000 can beat 49000 with max weapons. Yes, game crashes and things are lost. Including those bought with real money. They don't answer cause they know they are cheating! SHAME on you glu!!
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