old and new drones

BowbenderBowbender New MemberRegistered Users 13 Posts
What good is an old drone in pvp? I lost my manta with new upgrade to 3.0. Can you have more than your support drone now?


  • Taker3681Taker3681 Junior Member Registered Users 52 Posts
    You only have the support drone in attack an defence battles. But you can use the old drones to upgrade the support drone to allow stronger upgrades to be added to make it better in battles.

    The higher the old drone in v2 the more costly it becomes to use in upgrading your new drone. But the higher the old drone the more exp it offers if you can afford the costly diamond fees.

    You can also upgrade each individual drone upgrade when the main drone reaches a certain power level. But without lords of gold an diamonds, it takes a little time.
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