Game Won't Load

Gashoop2Gashoop2 New MemberRegistered Users 2 Posts
Are the servers down? I have not been able to load the game for more than a day. Keeps giving me a network error to check my internet connection. I've cleared the cache, restarted my device and reset my wifi twice. What's going on?


  • AltoAlto New Member Registered Users 30 Posts
    Look at the thread above.. it's everybody not just you..
    line app has blown up about it. Everyone is twitching.. god.. might actually have to find a life instead of shooting!
  • Gashoop2Gashoop2 New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    Thanks for the feedback!!
  • MONSTERMANMONSTERMAN Registered Users 276 Posts
    Before making new thread, SEARCH IT first...
  • Agent7RockyAgent7Rocky Experienced Member Registered Users 292 Posts
    It's not been working to all ios users..
    Check last thread
    So Jao 
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