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Sent following to 'Customer Care' this AM:

Video's 4 Gold/Rewards appear 2 B broken in iOS platform application ... AGAIN ... What's it gonna take for GLU 2 FIX the problem ??? ... A suggestion ... Since the videos come from VIDEO.FYBER.COM, maybe GLU should FIRE FYBER.COM & get some other company that can integrate their services better with GLU ! ... OR ... Hire some programmers who can fix the problem in the GLU code !!!

Am expecting the typical 'Thank you' pat on the head from the GLU bot & no solution/fix from the 'GLUTONS' ... Apparently GLU hired ex-Windows programmers who only know how to PATCH problems (which then creates another problem) instead of permanently fixing a problem ... Oh, wait ... that's creating job security ... How stupid of me to forget that ! ... SAD ... SMH ...


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    OK ... further information ... Clear cache, turn off iPad, restart iPad, reload CKS appears to TEMPORARILY solve current problem ... CKS code causing memory leak ?, CKS code leaving 'bits & pieces' in memory which disrupts progam execution ? ... info sent 2 gluddites ... maybe someone there can figure it out ... don't have much faith that glutons will get it solved
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    Don't waste time they will not help u brother ..
    So Jao 
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