in elite still game glitches robots under ground cant kill them useing bluestacks

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i play on my pc never had this problem before elite was introduced now everytime theres a long attack in the yard where i have to kill all enimes i cant cause they are allways under ground i dont have tesla to kill them ive deleted game reinstalled deleted data an catche to no avail ...... anyone else with this issue


  • amsoft2000amsoft2000 Expert Member Registered Users 5,782 Posts
    Your first problem is the game was never designed OR intended to be played on a PC.

    The technology is simply NOT compatible. No help for you here.
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  • try_againtry_again Senior Member Registered Users 1,302 Posts
    Not with long range (I have a tesla), but very often with short range. I have three accounts, a Bluestacks player, and 2 tablets, one of which this happens on. The third account with Samsung tablet has never had the dropping through the floor phenomena, so it seems to be a hardware problem that GLU (I've been told) is working on.

    I seriously doubt GLU would bother fixing this for Bluestacks (this platform is more prone to hackers and cheats), but there are quite a few in my clan with tablets/phones that this happens on, too. I'm surprised you don't mention it also happens in regular campaigns, and worst of all, Invader events, where loosing event coins and free Invader Found pvp's you loose 1000 AP. This is the most egregious effect from this bug.

    I suggest anyone having this problem submit a ticket in-game to Customer Care. The more complaints, the higher priority will be given to the dev team to fix it (I hope!)
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