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    First, I'd like to say GLU made a huge mistake deleting that whole thread, right when I wanted to start (yes, I've put this off until there was NOTHING left to do in this game).

    And, I have had your link constantly persistent on my laptop. I've gone from 1B to 1T in 2 weeks time on my drone, should have it completed in another 2 weeks if I stay diligent.

    You have mist a few mount points, and surpassed a couple too, having attachments overpowered for the base drone (there must have been a revamp of drone parts),, but...
    How can we tell the XP costs in diamonds, I'm missing something there - not that diamonds seem important now, it's all those fuses that just drive me nuts...

    I'm sure cost in diamonds for upgrading the weapons will be a major cost once I get the big boys mounted!
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    The various drone level diamonds cost associated with the prevailing XP value breakdown is lost forever, I'm sorry to say. However, you can determine the number of XP from the screen shots and then calculate the diamond cost by fusing a single XP module ...
    ... that is what we were doing all along to save you having to do it yourself.

    There was a single instance when GLU released a new set of weapons (deleting a few others) going into the trillions of power for the first time. In order to maintain a player's drone power GLU needed to allow for "seemingly" stronger weapons to be mounted in order to maintain parity ...
    ... the result was I had to advance the drone several levels BEFORE I could resume upgrading weapons.

    (Essentially my weapons were stronger than the weakest new weapon and was well beyond the mount point; I suppose I was one of the few that placed the priority on upgrading weapons first ...
    ... rather than upgrading the empty shell. Rumor was it served to dissuade others from attacking you; yeah right ... there was no defense then OR now, amazing how many keep falling into that trap). :)

    Upgrading support drone levels is quite easy (if you have the fuses) and today's fuses are 10-20 times larger than they once were; even at level 300 ...
    ... upgrading the weapons to the point where they become lethal is another matter altogether and is quite expensive in terms of diamonds. I would estimate 50 Trillion Diamonds for the 1st 10x weapons' levels on the 12.37T weapons.

    BUT ... as you said, and what I've said numerous times in the past ...
    ... what else are you going to do with 'em? :cool:

    A final item worth noting ... recycling XP from old weapons was an easy way to bump newly mounted weapons quickly in the past. After the trillion power weapons were introduced, this was no longer the case so just discard the old weapons or donate them to the clan.

    Good Luck and Good Hunting !!!
    Complex Minds Require Challenging Games ... SCORPION
  • try_againtry_again Senior Member Registered Users 1,302 Posts

    Well, it took me about 4 weeks, but the support drone is finished. Thanks for the drone level snapshots and details.

    Finally, no more regular contracts to slog through, and an actual use for all the diamonds that use to sit in my vault constantly spilling out into the Glu trash can. Looks like these drone add-ons will want upgrading to the end of the game.

    My initial thoughts with level 3 weapons - the drone is getting a bit too intrusive at times. I still wish it had an on/off switch so I could concentrate on killing. I need a drone whisperer to train it, hopefully it won't become self-aware (Terminator reference).

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