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How long does it take for some kind of an update on were we stand as players who been playing cks for years as to when cks will be upgraded or just left to die on its own


  • try_againtry_again Registered Users 1,302 Posts
    We may get another Elite Region unlocked next week, but I'd guess another couple months at least for a meaningful update.
    You missed this news story that shows this game will be transferred to another GLU Studio March 31st. https://communities.glu.com/contract-killer-sniper/discussion/5439462/glu-transfers-cks-ownership-from-moscow-to-india
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    It's been on it's death bed for quite some time now ... last release was a year ago. Several iterations of useless "tin cans" (elite regions) have been pushed though and a couple of base tiers. TIER 42 was pushed back in October.

    SBD you're both incorrigible as well as an eternal optimist ... May The Force Be With You !!!
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