Idea for an Endless Level

New Studio: Brain Foodz

Based on the VIP Valhalla Special Stage, Brain Foodz would be an "Endless Level" where there is no time limit, and you end the level by failing to feed one customer.
The theme is a zombie apocalypse, where you have to feed the horde to prevent them from climbing over the counter and eating you.

- The food will include ingredients that are good for the brain, like avocados, salmon, walnuts, broccoli and bone broth. And of course, brains. A possible drink idea could be a vaccine-in-a-cup.
- All of the customers are replaced with zombies, and they will have tempers that will gradually shorten as the level progresses. Game over occurs when you fail to feed a zombie before they lose their temper.
- The kitchen would be a small barricaded concrete fort built in the middle of a road. Axes, road signs and power tools are used for cooking. A flamethrower would be nice. We could also have Cookie dressed in a Hazmat suit.
- Because it is endless mode, VIP customers will not be available. Rewards per run would be based on the number of zombies fed, (ie. 1 feed = 10 coins, 50 feeds = 1 gold, 100 feeds = 1 VIP ticket etc)
- The kitchen may still be upgraded via the store, but buying an Autochef would be a 1x30-second-prep-per-run, no further purchase required afterwards.

Please comment if you have any further questions or if you would like to suggest additional stuff.


  • doantuankhoidoantuankhoi Registered Users 211 Posts
    I don't understand the Autochef part. Can you explain it again?
    In my opinion, they should just make an endless level for all venues, which will be more simpler. VIPs will be available in order to encourage IAPs, especially boosts like Zen Heart will be irreplaceable in this mode :D
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  • SageMageSageMage Registered Users 24 Posts
    The idea was to make an endless mode which was separate from the main studios, so that it presents more of a challenge, for achievements and ranking purposes, rather than simply exploited as a way to get extra coins and gold.
    Since there are no VIPs (and especially no Zen Master, I can see people mass producing that dish just to try and exploit this), and you can't use your fully upgraded Table Steaks kitchen to boost your score, all focus is on just how long you can keep cooking.

    Later on you can invest in this kitchen through the store, which would help with the level itself, but not so that the level becomes gamebreakingly infinite. So when you invest in the Autochef, they will only be available to prep for 30 seconds before they get switched out with Cookie. An Autochef that stays in the kitchen all the time will make the level too easy.

    Finally, the actual rewards will be at a low rate per customer, so that players don't get overloaded with coins, because that isn't the point (that being said, anyone who serves 100+ consecutive customers should be suitably rewarded at that rate). The point is the idea of endless mode being a test of skill and management, thus it's meant to be harder than the main studios, in a league of its own.
  • jonahfalconjonahfalcon Registered Users 27 Posts
    Eh, just to have an Online Leaderboard, where the goal isn't to get rewards, just to see how good you are.
  • TaTiTaTi Registered Users 10 Posts
    This is really a great idea. It would be a complete new way of playing and give us additional challenges. The idea to Implement this in a zombie theme venue is simply brilliant and makes total sense! I hope they’ll retain your suggestion 
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