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  • elizard123elizard123 New Member Registered Users 52 Posts
    yes, you can. but it would be useless until it does get unlocked, which might be frustrating for some
  • YeslekYeslek New Member Registered Users 26 Posts
    Started the new Trial. The only one I'm struggling with is Kpop. Too long since I've played it. I'm 1st across the board but that means nothing. I started as soon as it opened. Lots more people to play yet. We're heading out soon for family stuff. I'm certain I'll be dropped down by the time I get up tomorrow. That's what @elizard123 did to me. :smiley:
  • YeslekYeslek New Member Registered Users 26 Posts
    Or someone did. Forgot we didn't play each other. 
  • punkysdilemmapunkysdilemma New Member Registered Users 142 Posts
    The third venue (not even a milestone level) in my current Trial is a venue I haven't even opened yet. Definitely a disincentive to play.
  • doantuankhoidoantuankhoi Junior Member Registered Users 211 Posts
    I just want to leave some Trial of Styles tips for everyone:
    - Panic Button will help extend the duration of Super Flo, just like how it extends Prepmonition.
    - Stack your coins as many as possible before Trial of Style to swipe them all for a bigger bonus.
    - Collect your coins during Super Flo as soon as possible, and don't even bother waiting to swipe them all, because the double bonus during Super Flo will always be bigger than the swipe bonus you get.
    I always got first place by using those tips. Hope it helps!
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  • jonahfalconjonahfalcon Registered Users 27 Posts
    I got #1's in most of the Trials. Until I hit Country Fried Cabin and can't get past it. Not even with Auto Serve.
  • slmphoslmpho Registered Users 8 Posts
    Long time player, first time to grace the forum. I’ve been playing this stupid game for far too long and while I like the new element of play with TOS I also don’t see the point. I feel like I’m scrambling to have recipes ready to use and can’t catch up and I’m kind of wondering whether it’s even worth the effort. I’m not loving the reward system now. What is the point of the saucers? It doesn’t appear to win you any more gold and at the end of the day that’s all this game really makes you want. 
  • elizard123elizard123 New Member Registered Users 52 Posts
    The saucers are only useful for the Trial of Style as you already might know, for an extra boost in points for the games/leaderboard. And yes, the prize system on the leaderboard is not great for the reason that (1) the most desired prizes (i.e. gold) are ranked oddly, (2) the top prizes are only attainable to the most stacked venued players. I happened to win those wheels a couple times so far, and with the exception of my first competition, I only got partial credits toward outfits and a auto chef in the later comps. it’s super slow progress.

    The only redeeming thing about the ToS update is that it addresses a use for coins to purchase spins on the wheel. it is annoying, however, that those spins get exponentially pricier with each spin within a day.

    btw welcome to the forum @slmpho
    On the plus side, seems ToS is actually bringing life to this forum. 
  • gypsychkgypsychk New Member Registered Users 100 Posts
    So my feeling is that the final prizes aren't worth it, but the stage rewards can be. Sort of. What's NOT worth it is the balance of game play against the amazing number of glitches and bugs that have popped up since introduction of ToS and the new features. (For example: Why introduce saucers if you're also going to introduce a glitch that takes them away from players? Why introduce ToS if more people are going to lose progress in the middle of it?) Basically, ToS just introduced a whole new wave of ways to make the game unstable.
  • slmphoslmpho Registered Users 8 Posts
    I have played three TOS since it started for me. I was sort of part of the intro, but it never fully manifested and I did get the 20 gold for playing. Anyway since playing I placed second the first time and first every time since (as I said I’ve been playing this game for far too long, so I’m relatively far along insofar as the saucers are concerned) like many others it took me a second to realize we weren’t all playing together. In hindsight (duh) it makes sense, how could we all be playing together? I’ve found my last venue is always one I don’t have and for the most part I play to hopefully get something good from the venue wins. Like all of us I just wish they’d award gold in a way that made sense or make the venues less pricey. I haven’t spent a lot of actual money on this game because that’s really not worth what you get, but it would be nice to get more in any way. 
  • punkysdilemmapunkysdilemma New Member Registered Users 142 Posts
    The last few ToS that have appeared, I seem to always hit a venue I either don't have open, or haven't progressed very far in, very early on in the progression - so now when a new ToS appears, I don't get excited to play. I'd prefer gameplay similar to Duels where you can still occasionally get thrown into a venue you don't have upgraded very much, but at least you aren't stuck there forever...
  • ginnyenagyginnyenagy New Member Registered Users 6 Posts
    hnackson said:

    The rewards in Rasmay Dash are far superior to this.

    Do you think it is a better game overall? I was thinking would move over there instead.
  • SisterbearSisterbear Junior Member Registered Users 113 Posts

    hnackson said:

    The rewards in Rasmay Dash are far superior to this.

    Do you think it is a better game overall? I was thinking would move over there instead.
    Gold and supplies and prep recipes are easier to get in Ramsey dash. I have over 1,500 supplies and gold at all times and never spent a penny. I like the duel system but there are a lot of glitches in Ramsey dash and it has not been updated for months (players are beginning to worry about what is going on and not getting answers).
    I would certainly try Ramsey dash , but I would invest too much until the glitches are worked out and the future of the game is certain.
  • Downing4Downing4 New Member Registered Users 3 Posts
    Hi all!
    Just stumbled across this thread. My game name is LauraLee70.
    I need to buy a new venue. I have all stars and upgrades in my current venues(except both VIP’s...can’t get the 5th star in either S4E15...ugh). I need to stop hoarding my gold and start a new venue. I am looking for cheap upgrades, fairly easy and has outfits/pet available so I can do better in ToS. Any suggestions?
    ps. Any tips on how to finish either VIP successfully?
  • AngelKAngelK Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    Whenever I open the trial of style it says trial of style has ended
    It's been doing this for three weeks now
    when do we get to see the trial of style  
  • zansclarkzansclark Registered Users 27 Posts
    Well my TOS is stacked with all my worst levels and 12+ players better than me.  Guess I’ll see the benifit of getting 2 fast and flingerous vs a premium wheel spin.  
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