Kindle Fire

Is the kindle fire version no longer being updated??? I have like three venues that have been sitting there locked for like six months and it doesn't have any of the new stuff people talk about.


  • DashingMikeDashingMike Moderators 664 Posts
    There hasn't been an update since last year. While I'm unable to speculate when there will be an update for Kindle, I'll let the team know that you're interested!
  • SGuest2SGuest2 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    I'd like to know when an update would be available as well. There are several boards that haven't been developed. The game is also very glitchy on Kindle Fire and Glu Customer Service Reps are awful. What's more, we aren't offered the option to earn free gold but are expected to make in-app purchases.
  • NatNat16NatNat16 Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    I'd like to know this as well. I've been playing on my fire for years and have over 2000 in gold and 12 mil in coins with no new venues or challenges for over a year. Customers services are awful on the game in kindle fire too.
  • chelsdadschelsdads Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    I have sent several requests for info about updates for kindle and only get a generic response about how my opinion is valuable...bull. People spend real money to advance in the game and are unable to proceed. I've reached level 45, have over a trillion dollars in game cash, thousands in coins and nearly every weapon available and can no longer advance. Seems like a fraud to me!

  • cathyleighcathyleigh Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    Please upgrade this game glu. For fire kindle and fire he kindle. We have been waiting a long time. I have committed many hours to this game over the years and am very disappointed and frustrated that I cannot get to the open and play the new venues and game level challenges. I have spent hard cash on this game many times. Thanks Cathyleigh

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