New venue Bouncy house

This venue has a great concept. The issue is whoever came up with what the auto chef and the auto serve details needs to go back to the drawing board!  Auto chef is not worth the effort- you have to do most of the work anyway- auto serve- you have to add the carrots or apple slices and if you make the cupcakes, cake, or ice cream you have to pick it up to serve- not a favorite venue


  • DennieDennie Registered Users, Member 110 Posts
    Thanks for the heads up! I tested auto serve and you are right, it is terrible. It barely serves anything and it so confusing trying to work out what will actually be served it’s a hindrance more than anything. Glad I didn’t find that out in Trial of Style, thanks! Auto Serve isn’t like that in other venues.
    Auto Chef doesn’t do much I agree, Swine n Dine is a bit like that too. 
  • DennieDennie Registered Users, Member 110 Posts
    I like the venue though just not how auto serve works in it. Auto serve should do as the name suggests! 
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