Treasure Hunt Tasks (8/27)



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    20/27: Kim Chi soup - anything better than season 4 ep 1 (four items only, need 55 😱)

    I am playing through all the season 4 episodes now to check, but so far, yes, 4x01 has the most. I’ll report back later when I’ve tried them all!

    EDIT: I have tried all of the season 4 episodes (All the episodes that have Kimchi soup) and yes, it is correct that Season 4, Episode 1 has the most Kimchi soup, with four items. ☹️

    4x02 has three items of Kimchi soup, but all the rest of the episodes only have 0-2 instances of it. So yes, unfortunately, we’ll have to repeat that episodes 14 times to fulfill Item 20. 😑
  • elenauialelenauial Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
    Item 23: As someone said on the other thread, Season 2, Episode 14 gives 11 Fava Beans.
    Item 24: Trying to check the episodes listed on the cheat sheet list that was linked on this thread, but I am just starting Season 3 on Great Eats of Giza. So far, Season 2, Episode 5 has the most Sugarcane Juice with eight.
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    Thanks! Gonna finish the treasure hunt?

    I don’t see me completing this treasure hunt either. The tasks where you have to make a certain dish and play the same level over and over again gets so boring.

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    Agreed. It gets brainless after a while. I keep telling myself I don’t want to do another treasure hunt but then the prizes (gold, wheels, necklace) make me cave. I wish that they could make it LESS grindy, though. Playing an ep 3-5 times is still OK but 10-14 is like 😫

    Here are the last few:

    Grilled fava beans - 2 ep14 (11 times)

    Sugarcane juice - 2 ep 5 (8 times)

    Fried lamb - 3 ep15 (7 times), 3 ep 14 (6 times)

    Umm ali - 4 ep 3 (5 times)

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    I keep telling myself I don’t want to do another treasure hunt but then the prizes (gold, wheels, necklace) make me cave.

    Same. This time the prizes at the levels before the end were completely not worth it. And I lost my progress, so ... big waste of time. (On the bright side, if you have the levels open you can see what you're required to do and for what rewards, making it easier to decide whether to bother or not.)

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    Omg I did it! I liked this Treasure Hunt because there weren’t any levels where you had to serve a VIP 25 times. *puts on Egyptian pendant*
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    Anyone remember when fried lamb is introduced on Geza? I know there are a lot at end of s3, but I’m not there yet. I know that first time or two, it came up pretty frequently 

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