Stuttering and crashing on Android 9

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Hi, I've recently switched from iOS 12 to an Android phone. Top of line specs so hardware shouldn't be an issue. (OnePlus 6 8gb) I really enjoy this game but it is a much worse experience on Android.

- The game stutters through levels and freezes for sometimes seconds at a time during the level. 
- Watching multiple videos in a row for gold will stop working and you have to hard close the app to try again.
- Randomly the game will just crash causing a loss of supplies and recipes.

After contacting support and going through their Troubleshooting: reinstalling the game and trying the game on different WiFi, there has been no improvement.

These issues are with no other apps in the background, and even in airplane mode. Leaving me to believe it's an optimization issue and I can't get any reply that it will be worked on.

Does anyone else have these issues or have any idea how to fix this? 



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    J'ai le meme probleme et le support technique n'aide pas à part dire que c'est ma connexion qui n'est pas stable alors que tout fonctionne sauf ce jeu. Ils n'ont aucune solution et se moque que vous perdez vos recettes ou vos lingots! Ça fait des mois que ça dure et rien n'est fait pour résoudre le problème. Désolé ça va pas vous aider.
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    This is SO frustrating! I too have lost many special and VIP recipes and groceries due to random crashing. Agreed that this is a problem that started a few months ago. Agreed that I get random messages all day long stating "Cooking Dash has stopped responding" even though I do not have it open at the time. I have tried every trick suggested short of uninstalling the game to no avail. Dashing Mike, can you please advise if anyone is working on addressing this issue? Is there any way to get lost recipes and groceries back? I write to CS every time I loose a major one, but nothing ever happens.
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    Same problem!
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