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i understand why there is a wait between new venues but I am seriously going through major withdrawal right now.

i have gotten the golden crown on all venues now, i won the autochef for Jungle Joint (thank god) and I have all my recipes prepped and ready to go!

i cant tell you how many times I have replayed the levels for Jungle Joint. Especially during the Free Play. I ended up really loving that venue. I liked the challenge of it. 

I have a felling the Igloo venue won’t open until January. I wonder what kind of recipes there will be? Whale blubber? Yikes. I’m guessing lots of fish dishes. 

I have tried other cooking games and NOTHING compares. There is one that I like but they take months and months to come out with new venues. And it does not require anything to play a level. So if you don’t pace yourself you can finish in a couple of days. And others are just money hungry. 

I guess i could try to get gold on the last levels of the VIP venues? But I think that is impossible unless I buy another prepped recipe slot.


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    An update for the new venue came out a few hours ago - I really like it!
  • winter004winter004 92 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I forgot to say, it’s also in the next Trial of Style so there isn’t long to try to complete!
  • XandraSkyXandraSky New Member 47 PostsRegistered Users
    What? OH MY GOODNESS. So excited! It’s downloading right now. 
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