Holiday Cheer

elizard123elizard123 New Member52 PostsRegistered Users
Merry Christmas to the game devs! Yes, I know we gamers complain and moan about every crash and penny pinching update, but when it comes down to it, we are still here and playing. The game devs continued to build on the game through all these years, and they did not let it die after 2016 (as originally titled). For once, I’d like to send a gift of thanks and appreciation for the hard work and continued construction for this game that we all love (and sometimes love to hate). 

And thanks for the 10 gold this Christmas morning. 😀 Happy Holidays!


  • HeidiFishHeidiFish New Member 46 PostsRegistered Users
    Nice sentiment, elizard123!  You are right that we might complain about things, but this has been a consistently enjoyable game for me since 2016, to the great chagrin and confusion of my family who just don’t understand :-).  
  • YeslekYeslek New Member 23 PostsRegistered Users
    @elizard123 that’s so nice!  And you’re 100% correct. I’ll moan and complain here at home, but it continues to be my all time favorite game!
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