Tips for eats to earth finale?

Does anyone have any tips for the eats to earth series finale?  I can't seem to get past the fourth episode.  I am using fast flo.  I have upgraded fully anything that will give me money.  I have upgraded everything for speed to the point I am waiting for the next customer to arrive.  I have tried with different vips but since fast flo gives the happy hour that seems best.

It doesn't help that the most coin carry over between episodes sems to be 27.  Even with getting all stars with 30 seconds to spare on the previous episode the carry over is still 27.

I do not have the gold to buy a second slot and the finale disappears today. I wonder if that would help anyway since I am missing 3 stars on episode 4 and have episode 5 still to go.

Any suggestions?


  • winter004winter004 92 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I found Fast Flo useless for the series finale. The best VIP for me was Turbo Time.
  • me202me202 13 PostsRegistered Users
    That did it.  Thank you.
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