Pad Thai Pinball

I purchased the Pad Thai Pinball  auto-chef, DREN. But it feels like such a waste of money bcuz there are over 20 recipes and most look alike. So I waste most of my time trying to figure out which prepped food is what the customer is requesting. Does anyone have any advice of how the prepped food is laid out to find it quicker?


  • judyladyjudylady New Member 2 PostsRegistered Users
    I have the same problem.  They all look so much alike, it wastes time having to see the slight differences!  I wish I had advice for you.  Anybody else?
  • Karenc8898Karenc8898 New Member 20 PostsRegistered Users
    Not a tip for how it's laid out, because it's always changing. The only way I was able to get 5 stars was to use time bonuses.
    I'd narrow it down this way: identify the protein first, then the type of dish. A square dish means curry, so I'd just look for the protein with a curry ingredient. The pad thai noodles and fried rice were pretty straight forward. For the soups/noodle bowls - there actually aren't as many as there seem to be at first. Once you get the hang of the others, it's not so bad to try to figure those out. Focus on just looking at the proteins first, then go from there.
    Hope that makes sense - good luck!
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