Missing rewards from the last Halloween Series TOS

marian4pmarian4p Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
I didn't get the rewards from the last TOS, effectively blocking the Halloween Series Trophies as well.
Customer care stopped answering 11 hours ago and the trophies themselves will expire in another 9 hours.
Can someone please help?


  • luvmybaby102103luvmybaby102103 Registered Users 24 Posts
    Yep, I didn't get mine either and I got first place 
  • luvmybaby102103luvmybaby102103 Registered Users 24 Posts

  • squirtattasquirtatta Registered Users, Member 49 Posts
  • JanWOWWOWJanWOWWOW Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
     :|  same here, and the wrost is my TOS trophies reward dismiss from my trophies panel before the time end!
  • level003level003 Registered Users 73 Posts
    Yes! Same here! I worked hard and spent a lot of gold for those prizes! 
  • HeidiFishHeidiFish Registered Users 78 Posts
    Same here - I just put in a request. Maybe it happened to everyone and they’ll fix it somehow?  I’m too hopeful maybe, but otherwise I’m super annoyed at losing the wheel spins for goals in the whole Halloween series!
  • HeidiFishHeidiFish Registered Users 78 Posts
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  • luvmybaby102103luvmybaby102103 Registered Users 24 Posts
    I sent a screenshot and they gave me that prize but now the time ended and didn't get any of the trophies
  • jeanlowjeanlow Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    I placed within top 3 for this most recent Halloween TOS, and they also did not give me my rewards for finishing Top 3, Top 5 etc etc.. when I sent them screen shot of my last win, they asked me to send in proof that I won on the previous 3 TOS as well. I wish I had taken those Screens, but ... dont they have their own database to tell them? Why is it burden of proof is on the players????
  • DennieDennie Registered Users, Member 110 Posts
    I didn’t get mine either, they asked for screenshots. I have the last but not the others as I didn’t envisage a problem. I had to go to the website to send a screenshot and haven’t heard anything back and doubt I will for at least a week. I used to be able to send screenshots in app and they reply promptly. 
    I had to agree to a new user agreement with regards to data. I imagine they store a lot of data on players and could easily find out where we placed in the trial.
    I placed in the top 3 in all the trials and hate to think how much I spent 😬 and considering that the level of customer service is really so poor. 
  • jeanlowjeanlow Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    We are in the same boat, Dennie. It is so frustrating!!!!!
  • level003level003 Registered Users 73 Posts
    They just asked me for screenshots as well. I sent them the last one since I can still see it, but I only had 1 other one so I'm probably out of luck too. I also sent them screen shots of this discussion board so they can see I'm not making it up. I am also going to slam them in the reviews on the Play store.
  • jeanlowjeanlow Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    I have already given them a bad review.  Stated this issue as is. I suggest we all do the same. I mean, i will be honest, I have spent too much money on this game. if they do not fix it ,let's warn others to steer clear of this game . Probably save others some grief.
  • marian4pmarian4p Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    How did you guys send screenshots? On my iPad the button allows me to select a photo but when I click send nothing happens. When I asked customer care how or where to send the screenshots they never replied back.
    The trophies are long gone now and for a game that I've been paying an average of 35 euros a month, the lack of any reply from customer care is unacceptable. Bad reviews it is but I doubt they care too much.
    Also, here are my screenshots too, not that it matters:
  • level003level003 Registered Users 73 Posts
    They gave me an apron, a premium wheel, and 2 High Roller wheels. They said they couldn't give me any Halloween Wheels because that event expired. Better than nothing I guess, but I'm still frustrated. I'm no computer expert, but it seems like they should be able to fix this. 
  • jeanlowjeanlow Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    At least you got something. Complete radio silence here. 
  • rckararckara Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    CD customer care gave me this instruction on how to submit a ticket. 
    1. Loading up the game and navigating to the Options section
    2. Tapping the Customer Care/Support button
    Submitting your issue to us using the 'Contact Us' link or chat icon in the upper-right (depending on device platform)
    3. Enter description, your name and your email address
    4. Attach file or picture if needed by clicking the attach file icon located in the upper-right
    5. Click submit/send button

    I have collected my reward in TOS just now. :smile:
  • lung0027lung0027 Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    Same situation as you all and feeling very frustrated! Gotten the prize for last ToS but not the trophies. But who in the right mind will really keep a screenshot of all past 3 ToS in anticipation of a crash in the final leg? I really don’t understand the rationale of the customer support team. Seeing all the comments here, I guess they don’t mind anyway. I left a bad review in Apple store but surprised to see their rating still so high at 4.6 and latest review one year ago. I guess they turned off the review function for users. So the next thing to do now is to exit the game and leave for good. 
  • marian4pmarian4p Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    Eventually, they came back to me earlier this week with instructions on how to send screenshots.
    A couple of days later and I have received my items this morning - a premium wheel (replacing the halloween one) and 2 items. There was another halloween wheel that didn't get in the screenshot so I've never received that - proof that they don't really check these digitally. I've closed the issue, the extra wheel wasn't worth the ordeal - I've waited 6 days for them to fix this poorly.
    In the future, I'll make sure to ask for screenshots upload link and screenshot all the missing prizes.
  • JaxMcJaxMc Registered Users 2 Posts
    Yeah...I had the same thing happen...and I am officially done. It is ridiculous that they can't bother to keep track of the series when we have to be logged in under a user name that is tied to e-mail, etc. They are very obviously on auto pilot with this game now and even though I have loved it for a long time and really wanted to finish out the saucers, I am letting my saucers go...I just won't give them any more money when they can't be bothered to give even a basic level of customer service.
  • chobits1chobits1 Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    yeah, i can't even get the last level of the epsiode to unlock despite having finished it....
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