Dreamy Delights Series Finale Glitch

There is currently an event that awards a high roller wheel to anyone who has finished Dreamy Delights season finale. I had already done this the last time it was opened, but it didn't give me the current award like it has for other shows where I've already completed finale. It shows in the show intro page that I've completed it, but when you go into that world, you find everything in the finale reset and incomplete. I complained to Customer Service, and they told me I have to complete this finale AGAIN to get the reward. After a fruitless explanation of how the word "finale" means FINAL, and that this has never happened before on other worlds when I've already completed the finale, I gave up and just spent the groceries, vip tix, and super recipes to complete this finale a second time... only to be disappointed AGAIN. NO HIGH ROLLER WHEEL WAS AWARDED! So now even though it shows I've earned the finale saucer, and all 5 finale worlds now show as completed, I still can't earn this reward. I'm publishing this as a warning in case anyone else considers going for it. I've sent screenshots of everything to Customer Service. Nothing. 
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