Update reset my game?

Nikki921Nikki921 Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
I sent in a trouble ticket over a day and a half ago and still have not heard back from support. I logged into the game on Thursday just before the current trial of style was due to start. When I logged in later that day to start playing TOD (after updating to the new iOS version) my game had completely reset! It thinks that I’ve never played the game before.

I’ve been playing for years, I have many auto chefs had some thing like 30,000 gold and almost as much in coins thanks to two recent TapJoy offers. Logging in did nothing. 

Anyone else have this happen? Does it always take this long to hear back from CS? I’ve got an untold amount of time, and most importantly money; over the years tied up in this game. I’m beyond livid to think that all that money and time may be wasted. 
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