Can't earn money or stars

NllkNllk Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
Hi, since the update I can't earn money or stars. I even finished a level with 5 stars, but the game didn't register it. I can earn gold and use all the guests , supers and VIPS for boosts. But then...no rewards whatsoever. Can this be repaired please? No fun playing like this...maybe it's the same issue as mentioned earlier, 'won't save progress'?


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    kokkinokatakikokkinokataki Registered Users, Member 25 Posts
    I was earning coins for the daily goals but for other levels nothing and I keep trying the ToS to see if it’s fixed but it isn’t.  Just the same, complete it and then it crashes, no rewards.  Very fed up now with it, can’t earn coins so can’t get the extra gold or the spin on deal wheel.

    Like so many, I’ve been playing for years now and spent a fair bit of money on it, which I haven’t begrudged until now but after building up my chefs and pets, it feels like a big waste of time to play.  Customer care should also say when the problem has been resolved too.

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    Jade60Jade60 Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    I used the "contact us" feature and reported this problem. I got a really fast response that says they are aware of the problem and are actively working it. However it's been weeks and it's clear that it has not been fixed. Is it time to give up?
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    cfomom57cfomom57 Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    Ditto...I have been reaching out for months.  Customer support adds 20 gold bars to my account and says they know the problem exists.
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    HughesStewartHughesStewart Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    I feel your frustration with the recent update causing some reward glitches. It's no fun when you're putting in the effort and not reaping the benefits.
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