I miss the old cooking dash

I really miss playing cooking dash without glitches. The most recent update really is a bummer, i couldnt play normally as i did before. I really wish they’d just revert the update. Hopefully they do it after the holiday series. I missed a lot and lost a lot of saucers, vips, and golds during this series so hopefully they can fix it before the next. I dont really know how they can not fix it, they’d just have to change it back to the old code or something, no? 


  • canyousaywhuutcanyousaywhuut Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
    @DashingMike hoping you’d be able to find a fix soon 🙏🏽
  • HeidiFishHeidiFish Registered Users 78 Posts
    @DashingMike was a terrific help when this game was newer (2016-17) but he’s unfortunately been gone a very long time now. Someone so competent probably moved to a better job!
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