iOS - Can't play Trial of Style

wafiyhdmwafiyhdm Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
Hello. I used to play a lot Trial of Style events, logged into Apple Game Center. Last week when I was playing, I log in to my Facebook for the first time for the free 10 gold, so I did. Then I noticed I got logged out of my Apple Game Center. Then, just recently, I can't enter the Trial of Style anymore. It keeps on saying "Attempting to Connect" and says I have no internet connection, when in fact I do. I thought the Facebook thing might be the issue so I logged out from Facebook and sign in through my Apple ID. But I can't anymore, I signed in but it didn't actually sign me in. If anyone can help me solve this issue, please do. I believe Uninstalling is not recommended thus far. I'm afraid I may lose my progress.


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    VegeliciousVegelicious Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    I had the same issue a while back.  No worries if you uninstall and reinstall you do not lose your progress
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