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it has been a week. I can't watch any video to earn free gold for a week already.
I have lost 8*7 = 56 potential free gold
I've tried different ways to try to fix it and they do not work
My personalised ad setting is on so it's not the cause that lead to this problem 
What else can I do?
Can GLU please face this problem / bug and fix it. Thank you 


  • level003level003 Registered Users 73 Posts
    Same here. They tell me they can't control the videos because it's an outside vendor. That's copping out. You are responsible for working with them to get it fixed. I've been reporting it daily. They give me 1 lousy piece of gold and a useless High Roller wheel spin for my trouble. I already have a gazillion useless spins on that wheel and told them so, yet they continue to give them to me as"compensation". I've already earned everything on that wheel and they refuse to put gold on it, so the game won't even let me spin it. I also think it's horrible that they now make watching videos a regular requirement on the Daily Goals when they know it's not working. Yet another piece of gold I am missing out on.
  • juliagruizjuliagruiz Registered Users, Member 14 Posts
    My suggestion If they lost sponsors. Change the amount of gold we will need to get improvements. Instead of so many gold make it coins and less golds. So we still have a challenge but not impossible. Do you agree?
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