Chateau Creep IMPOSSIBLE to Serve all Customers 13-15

AD8182AD8182 New MemberRegistered Users 1 Posts
I have beaten every level of every restaurant with 5 stars. I then started going for serving all customers. The ONLY levels I'm not even getting that close is Chateau Creep levels 13-15. I've tried all the combinations of VIPs. I've been trying for at least a month. It seems I could serve all customers if I open another kitchen slot. I already have 2! A third one for 300 GOLD. ARE U KIDDING ME. I've spent way more money than I want to admit. And let me say this, even Vegas lets you win at some point. I'm going back to Gamehouse games. At least their Delicious series is a one time purchase and very fun.


  • YeslekYeslek New Member Registered Users 23 Posts
    Did you try the Auto Chef/Fast Flo combo along with the Take You Time Mad Hatter guy? He gives you some time. I did get all the customers but it took some time.
  • Hamo12Hamo12 New Member Registered Users 5 Posts
    It was super hard. I just tried to remember the last 2-3 recipies the customers wanted and used fast Flo and tried to get them ready ahead of time...barely made it
  • doantuankhoidoantuankhoi Junior Member Registered Users 177 Posts
    It would help a lot if you use the Auto-serve boost, which saves a lot of time playing the last episode. Before that boost was introduced, playing the venue's last episodes was really painful :( I've replayed the last episode 3 times to get all customers erved
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