I'm done with Trial of Style and Cooking Dash

I posted this already in the forum, but I can't do Country Fried Cabin. I simply can't.

I am stymied by having it THIRD in the competition. I'm effectively out of it despite having SEVERAL auto chefs in venues I DO like. Which I paid gold on. You've made hundreds of gold WORTHLESS.

I will NOT, repeat NOT spend any money on venues I don't want.

My only recourse is to stop playing Cooking Dash, since I'm just wasting my time if the venues I've invested time and money in are worthless. If I fail in a venue, I should be allowed to skip it with the penalty of not getting a score there.

Otherwise, I'm done. I'll go back to investing time in Animation Throwdown.



  • Salmon rollSalmon roll New Member Registered Users 106 Posts
    edited January 2018
    I wish the developers gave us an option to skip a venue. It seems that they never gave us the venues that we invested heavily in.

    Why does Country Fried Cabin get so much hate? It's next on my to do list.
  • jonahfalconjonahfalcon Registered Users 27 Posts
    Country Fried Cabin is first in this trial and I'm done before I can begin.

    I'm considering quitting.
  • jonahfalconjonahfalcon Registered Users 27 Posts
    They made it the first venue AGAIN. I'm about done. They won't see another penny from me until they have a skip option.
  • gypsychkgypsychk New Member Registered Users 100 Posts
    I had the same run of milestone venues the past three ToSes. Anyone else?
  • ceciliab718ceciliab718 Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    Do we all have the same Trial of Style venues? It seems like the 5th venue is ALWAYS one I have not yet purchased.
  • SisterbearSisterbear Junior Member Registered Users 113 Posts

    Do we all have the same Trial of Style venues? It seems like the 5th venue is ALWAYS one I have not yet purchased.

    The milestone venues are the same but the ones in between are different for everyone. I compared my trial of style with my husbands and the in between venues are different every time. Plus my husband does not play often and I'm a regular player and my competition is super hard compared to his. He doesn't even have to play the whole trial maybe 3-4 levels and makes the top 5. I play every level multiple times and it is a challenge to make the top 15. The high score on my trial is always over 100k, on my husbands trial is about 15k.

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