Challenge Levels I Can Remember In Diner Dash (Not Cooking DASH)

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Challenge levels were so much fun I missed them and I can still even remember some of them and this was in July 2015! Here are some that I can remember in Diner Dash (Not Cooking DASH).

Greasy Spoon

I remember this one where there were twelve tables which were a lot and there were different customers from different restaurants and the weird thing was that whenever they lose a heart they release a VIP Icon to turn another customer into that VIP but don't be fooled because it will just turn them into Maddie Parties.

Deep Sea Diner

I remember this one where only Rosie and Lina Sayer parties entered the restaurant. Rosie parties entered with 1 heart remaining making it harder and several Lina Sayer parties too and I think through out the whole level, the lights where out making it hard to see colors.

Rocket Diner

There was this one where only Shakes McGee parties appeared and it was extremely hard.

Another one I can remember was only Flynn and Ariel parties appeared at the togo window and Ariel parties can order espresso and dessert and the goal was to protect tables against rocket blast even though only to go customers appeared and you couldn't miss one rocket blast or else you lose.

Le Gordon Bleu

One that I can remember clearly was when only Violeta parties appeared with 1 heart and they were all angry even with full hearts.

Taco Gigante

One that I can remember in this restaurant was there were Skip parties disguised as Al Bondigas and you had to Serve the real Al Bondigas and these Skip parties can sneak out of the restaurant at super speed and way faster than normal.

Candy Carnival

There was this one were only Tira and Connor Carnie parties entered the restaurant with one heart.

Another one was were you had to get rid of Kingston in order to pass the level and I think the goal had something to do with color match. You had to watch the scene where Flo and Cookie are talking in order for the hint to be given out.

Grill 'n' Chill

This was like the hardest level ever! All tables were a party for six and you know how Agora doesn't like sitting at large tables and whenever see lose a heart a ton of Icons (Bombs, Customer, Dark hearts) would come off of her making herself and other customers leave.

Another one was a level where everyone comes into the restaurant so this was like a sequel of level 240 in Could it Be Wurst, but VIPS can enter multiple times and I saw something new in this level and that was Lil Big's new picture and he didn't enter as a disguised as Mr Big, he enter as his little self and his quote is "Fun Sized".

Could it Be Wurst?

If you even seat one customer in this level, you wont pass. Only three customers appeared in this level (2 Agoras and 1 Maddie) and A TON AND A TON of Crate deliveries where entering the restaurant sending out a lot of crates everywhere! So you want to sign all the deliveries and get rid off all of the crates before seating the customers.

In another level there are a table for 4 only and In the First wave Maddie and 1 Gordon Party enter the restaurant, now listen the goal of the level was to Serve three Barb Parties okay so you had to let Gordon lose a heart at wait until a Barb party Icon appears off him and change the Maddie parties into Barb parties! In the Second wave Barb parties of six appear, now there are tables of 4 only so how are you gonna seat and serve them? So if you don't change the Maddie parties into Barb parties in the first wave, you will lose.


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    And while we are at it, why don't we bring back spongebob diner dash?
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