"Not Recommended" prep recipes?

Why are some recipes "not recommended"? I use them anyway when I either don't have recommended recipes or if the recommended ones are low coin value. However, today I noticed I scored better on the same episode using a recommended Rosie (10) than a non-recommended Tira (35). So that made me wonder...Both times I cleared all customers in roughly the same amount of time. 


  • phairgamephairgame Registered Users 15 Posts
    It simply means that the character does not come in to the venue during the episode. If you pick a recommended Rosie, all Rosie characters will drop double coins in that episode, in addition to the Super Rosie. Hope this helps,
  • DashingMikeDashingMike Moderators 664 Posts
    What phairgame said is correct. Thanks for responding and helping @phairgame!
  • level003level003 Registered Users 73 Posts
    Ahhhh! Now I get it! Thanks!
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