Custom Hunts

mtheadmthead Registered Users 266 Posts
Just a random thought here

Who here would like a custom hunt mode?

Set your own requirements to make things interesting for yourself

Would love a mode like time attack.. how many kills you can kill in 3 or 5 min

also set the type of animal you can hunt, or how many lung shots you can pull off in a certain time frame, or even endurance mode like the previous deer hunter where you had to kill certain amount before progressing to next level

instead of the usual kill 10 of these

even more better is that you can upload these custom hunts so other players can try it out and see how they fair on your leaderboard..

Current leaderboard sucks as its most total kills..
how bout highest total kill in a minute? or 4 minutes. Thats more challenging that way.. so its more of skill


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