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  • Zaki11Zaki11 Registered Users 1 Posts
    I have list my progress in deer hunter 2014. I was in region 9, My phone froze so I uninstalled it then I installed it again and it started the game back at the start of region 1 and then it froze once again at region 8 then I re-installed it and it started to region 1, so I don't know other to ask for some much appreciated help.
    In the Game Center it shows all of my progress. And I can't log into facebook because of this!
    Thank you. Zaki11
  • theoniniotheoninio Registered Users 1 Posts
    Why did I lost my progress in deer hunter is it because of the update. How do I get it back.
  • HerbyH1561HerbyH1561 Registered Users 10 Posts
    What about the disappearance of the Rare Regions on Face Book players' Deer Hunter game. Mine disappeared right after the introduction of the Black Powder Event was introduced into game. Any connection possible ?
  • gabba_the_hutgabba_the_hut Registered Users 2 Posts
    please give me back my progress. invested so much time into this only to see i'm level 1 again and have 300 bucks.
    And there are a lot of people having this problem... What now...
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