Granthum oxford?

LosLos Registered Users 263 Posts
I'm thinking about delaying the purchase of an assault rifle until the oxford is offered to me.

When will it be offered? And how many gold, hunter bucks or platinum eagles will it cost me?


  • SheppeckSheppeck Registered Users 1,609 Posts
    The grantham owford assault rifle will be offered when region 10 is available. Which should be this week. It it will cost you hunter bucks. That is how Glu did it every time a new region was released. Probably around 400,000 hunter bucks.
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  • triggerhappytriggerhappy Registered Users 159 Posts
    You are rewarded the grantham oxford when you complete the region 9 zombie hunt. Just got mine today.
  • Lucy DLucy D Registered Users 49 Posts
    The Grantham Oxford is *supposed* to be awarded when you complete the region 9 zombie hunt; some of us eager Android users completed the hunt before a bug was fixed which stopped us getting it. Hmpphh.
    However, you will get a one-time offer of 91 gold for the assault rifle early on in region ten. I bit the golden bullet and took them up on the offer, despite having complained (and received no reply) that I hadn't been awarded it when I should.
    Ah well, it's a nice looking rifle...
  • straightshooterstraightshooter Registered Users 1,231 Posts
    Its a stirling with the buttstock folded and very handy on hunts still wish an ak style shotgun with drum mag could be added at some point and a pistol crossbow
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