Zombie rip off?

mtheadmthead Registered Users 266 Posts
Not a full fan of this game and pretty much just play this game on the toilet when i have plenty of spare time.

I was playing Region 7 zombie hunt last week with the headsman elite gun, max upgrade..

Then the offer for the Headman gun came up at 60% percent off..so was thinking why the hell not and bought the gun at a cheap gun. After the purchase it asked me to equip the gun in order to play region 7 zombie hunt. Thats when the rort came in.

Ive noticed as i progress thru the reg 7 zombie hunt, it will constantly ask me to upgrade my headsman gun to the recommended level. I think that if i didnt buy the headsman gun in the start and kept my headsman elite. I would of saved quite a bit of glu coins and use the upgrade on another weapon. Oh well.. for future reference dont be silly and by the lower level guns when they offer it to you at a cheaper price. Could cost more in the long run


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