Evil Rising Pt. 1

PZOPZO Registered Users 260 Posts
I'm sure my Fellow Hunters will answer...but it wOuld be Greater if a GLU Admin wOuld answer tHe call..........DOes Pt 1 Of the Halloween Event end on the 15th..or jus Part 1? Because I gOtta POP-UP last week saying IT WAS 3 Parts?????!!!


  • todfoxxtodfoxx Registered Users 1,933 Posts
    Good question, I'm done with part 1. Where and when will part 2 be? I think part 1 will end on the 15th, and part 2 will begin the same day. @PZO, is the typewriter on your device broken? Lol! :cool:
    Galaxy tab S :cool: Kindle hdx
  • PZOPZO Registered Users 260 Posts
    Samsung Predictive txt shyt! LOL! Gotten used 2 it & haven't cHanged a tHing. I like it cuz it seems to throw people off....LOL
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