Getting a new Kindle(sort of)

Max SterlingMax Sterling Experienced MemberRegistered Users 311 Posts
After 11+months of running flawlessly my kindle took a dump yesterday and it won't turn on. I left it at home and it was fine but upon my return I discovered it had died in it's sleep. At least that's the story my kids are going with. Even though they have their own kindles (newer,bigger,better and faster than mine) they put mine through some cruel and unusual abuse. I forgot to mention that to Amazon. Anyway, my replacement kindle is guaranteed to be here by Sunday. I was told that all the content that's on my device now will show up on the new one.( I was told its new but I'll bet money it's refurbished) has anybody who plays this game had to get a replacement kindle from Amazon? If so was all your progress transferred to the replacement device? I'm extremely concerned about this. Thanks in advance for any insight on this that anyone is able to give-Max
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