2013 player reminiscing, region 7 to region 18 progress.

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I started playing DH in November 2013 with only a few regions available and by the time region 7 was released, we had a lot of requests for game additions. After taking a break from the game after region 14, and checking back in with the game about once a month after that; I will say region 17 is exactly what we asked for in the beginning of 2014. For those of you older players that still play the game every day, you might not have noticed how far the game has progressed, but as an old player reminiscing, GLU really pulled through with Region 17; wow GLU! Good job!

A bit sad that Dino had to come to an end, but I'm hopeful that Contract Killer: Sniper will progress as much as DH did.
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    I completely agree. Back then I would have loved to be able to use a crossbow, and when region 10 came out and it was yet another North American region I nearly deleted the game because it was getting so boring. Now there are all different sorts of regions, hidden regions, bow and arrows, and even crocodiles. Some people seem to be getting bored with it but I much prefer the Asian regions to the North American ones. I would quite like a return to Africa though.
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    The breakthrough came at HR1 IMO. That raised the bar. I've been playing about as long as you have.
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    Wow, thanks for this great feedback! It really helps to get the perspective over that longer period of time. Glad you've been able to see the progress.
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    May I give you another feedback? My credit card was charged on 7.03. for 1988 Glu Credits subscription but I didn't received any credits till now. Opened a ticket, sent an email, without any success, no answer from Glu 3 weeks. What do you think, is this correct? I Already spent over 400$ for credits and I expect more respect from you guys!
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    I started playing on my Kindle on January 3rd, 2014, so I didn't miss 2013 by much. I'm up to level 116, region 17 on the Kindle. I haven't played on the Kindle much at all in the past month or so. I still have one Trophy hunt and five of the hunting series to go. I haven't even seen region 18.

    Why haven't I played much lately on the Kindle, do you ask? I'll tell you.

    I started playing on my wife's iPad a couple months ago. Started right from region 1. Playing on the iPad beats playing on the Kindle all to H-E-double hockey sticks and back. The iPad allows you to watch videos to get gold, batteries, hollow points and energy drinks. The Kindle NEVER worked that way. The only way to get that good stuff on the Kindle was to complete a bounty, and those didn't add up to all I would want or need.

    Starting over also meant that I wouldn't have to wait for the next release. There was always something new to do. Sometimes I needed to do contract hunts to get my weapon upgraded, but it didn't seem to be an endless boring task. I often had to fill a bounty or work on contract hunts to complete rare hunts. I once had rare hunts still running in hidden regions 1 through 4 at the same time, plus one going in a standard region.

    The free gold obtained by watching videos, along with the gold received by filling bounties always allowed me to buy the gold rifle for each standard region and also the occasional gold shotgun and gold assault rifle, as each region came along. I just made sure I had a couple hundred in gold each time I completed one region and advanced to another region. Whenever a OTO came up for the gold weapon, I could buy it for 10 cents on the dollar. Each time!!

    The gold rifles are semi-autos with one second between shots. The HB rifles are mostly bolt-action with three seconds between shots that required re-sighting in the game before firing off the second shot. The semi-autos allow me to plan my shots across the field and then pick off the animals before they start to run helter-skelter off the edge of the screen.

    Anyway, I still play on the Kindle about one or twice a week, but most of my hunting is done on the iPad. I have so many energy drinks on tap that I can play a little more on some hunts. I can have a hunt where I have to kill three animals with a lung shot. I will look over the playing field to see where all the animals are and then shoot two of them in the lungs while using an energy drink. Then I will identify one for the last kill and wait for later to kill it. Meanwhile, I can dispatch all the other animals by other means (necks, heads, eyes, etc.) and then shoot the last one in the lung to complete the hunt.

    I also have hollow points to spare. I can use them with underpowered rifles and dispatch game without having to use and upgrade the next series rifle. I play a lot less contract hunts and still get to eventually upgrade my new weapons after my 10 hunts (energy) are used up.

    It is certainly much more fun this time around!! I will eventually catch up, but maybe then I will delete the game and start over again.
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    After getting a PS4 in December, hooking up to my flat screen t.v. playing DH 2014 is like flicking crumbs of my table with my finger! :cool:
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    todfoxx wrote: »
    After getting a PS4 in December, hooking up to my flat screen t.v. playing DH 2014 is like flicking crumbs of my table with my finger! :cool:
    I completely understand that comparison, but hopefully it won't be too long before we can cram all of the PS4 hardware into a phone and bridge the gap between the capabilities of hardwire vs. wireless. Obviously GLU isn't trying to compete with the Sony's and Microsoft's of the world, or EA and the like; but maybe they can become the Xerox machine of wireless gaming for a while until people remember what a copier is. The Softbank buy of Supercell is probably still front page news as far as GLU is concerned. One thing at a time.
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    I will agree that this game has come a long way, and Glu listened. Thanks for that.
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