When is dh 2016 getting released ?



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    I like DH2016
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    Tanner96 wrote: »
    I agree with you Tdub. I bought the bolt action rifle to use in region 3, but I'm not going to spend any real money. The game is just not that entertaining. As long as we waited for this gam, I expected a lot more. After Region 3, I'm done.

    I guess those of us who have (essentially) completed DH 2014 are a bit disappointed, but I think it is important to remember that we are all starting over on a new game that (hopefully) will increase in difficulty as we progress. I'm giving it some time before I come to final conclusions.
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    so do I dare ask or will I be blasted like I usually am...any reports about when it will be available on FB?? OH and Casar??? HEY I finally bought a smart phone!!! woo hoo!!! BUT you didnt tell me you had to be smart to have one LOL still on simple mode for my phone LOL
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    I’d like to know about FB too. That is my standard playing platform. Granted, in the past with many, many problems but for some the only option. I’m playing 2016 on Mrs. Thai’s Android for now, but would like to see a FB release.

    Edit: I hate FB. I only have a fake account to play games.
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    isee the admids here are stumped too...no reply...I sent a help ticket asking the same thing and I have gotten NO reply as usual LOL
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    I like DH2016

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