Region 36 Bucket League Experience

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I played region 36 buckshot league (only basic shotgun without tier ups so did not proceed more ranking hunts) and noticed that the top player had absurd over 6000 trophy points. That's not possible. Why? Suppose your max weapon include all tier ups are 60 million power. After you reach 1900 trophy points or higher, it will recommend you to have a weapon higher than 80 million power. When someone get over 3000 trophy points, the power requirement will be well above 500 million. How can it be possible for someone get that many trophy points without the ability to purchase a weapon that's powerful?

Also it will take more than 10 shots to not even half finish shooting an animal if you have a very very weak weapon. This proved to me the game has been put some super powerful computer PVP players that are impossible to beat and almost occupy all top 3 ranks in all challenger series and bucket leagues.

Fortunately, I am still leading one challenger series and one bucket league as well as rank in top 3 in a couple other ones. At least we need human to beat computer PVP players Glu add in.



  • master_hunter2015master_hunter2015 Registered Users 131 Posts
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    Do u really believe that u r playing against real people in real time?
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    I do not believe so but I did play a couple real players in the past. How did I know this? I was hunting with a person with similar rifle (half way upgraded) when I first started to play updated Deer Hunter Classic on Kindle less than two weeks ago. The person stopped hunting after I shot 5 animals quickly with heart, head, and lung shot. He has not even shot one animal yet. The goal of that hunt was to finish 7 animals, then he stopped shooting. I finished the game with 7-0.

    You have 99% getting a computer PVP player when you reach 1700+ trophy points no matter you play shotgun or rifle series. The computer PVP player will shoot animals in certain directions with accurate lung or heart or head shots. They do not shoot easy body shots. In rifle series I have ways to compete them when they have fully upgraded weapon and mine is not in very high ranking games (1700+ trophy points hunts). The strategy is to aim for the final shot and let the computer PVP player shoot first, because each animal will take at least two or more (sometimes 7 for example) to finish for each party. If both parties cannot finish enough hunts required in the particular game, then the result is draw.
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