Region 45 PVP Hunting Rank Show and Issues!

This issue only happens on Kindle app store as far as I know from discussing with Google and Apple users. Glu removed top 3 rewards on leader board since Region 45 updates on PVP challenger series and buckshot leagues.

In case Glu changed mind to issue top 3 rewards in the end of the season made a table below to calculate my chance to reach top 3 in any of 5 challenger series (region 1, 11, 19, 27, 43) and buckshot leagues (2, 3, 36). Other regions PVP games are just copy of these eight unique ones.

After new users realize they have no way to get top 3 rewards from competing endless PVP players that do not lose trophy points when they lose matches, people will stop upgrading rifles and shotguns in these PVP games. Glu heavily promote to upgrade parts and tiers on these PVP weapons, but people will only need to get 1500+ trophy points to earn 50 gold Glu coins in each PVP region. Then Glu will make less and less money from PVP regions. Top 3 is very difficult to reach now when impossible PVP players win trophy points 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

There are two days of PVP season remaining so Glu PVP players can still earn tons of points now. Given that Region 45 update was postponed to release on Kindle app store, current season started with 6 days remaining on last Friday and my initial goal was to earn at least 1500 trophy points in each unique PVP region below. Nevertheless, I could not stop hunting until I lost two matches in a row from consecutive victories.

Region 1: Current 3rd Place: 1939 Points; My Position: 1939 Points in 3rd Place.

Region 2: Current 3rd Place: 919 Points; My Position: 2352 Points in 1st Place.

Region 3: Current 3rd Place: 3181 Points; My Position: 2024 Points in 7th Place.

Region 11: Current 3rd Place: 1728 Points; My Position: 1705 Points in 4th Place.

Region 19: Current 3rd Place: 2139 Points; My Position: 1705 Points in 8th Place.

Region 27: Current 3rd Place: 1894 Points; My Position: 1920 Points in 2nd Place.

Region 36: Current 3rd Place: 2704 Points; My Position: 1735 Points in 7th Place.

Region 43: Current 3rd Place: 2799 Points; My Position: 1801 Points in 11th Place.








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    I also bought and maximized region 45 bow in less than 4 days, which was all you need to shoot any animals in this region's and earlier regions' contract hunts. Big birds ducks and pheasants are easy to shoot with a bow while opening scope. Enjoy bow shots below.



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