PvP Challenger Series is winnable! I did it! Finally!

Hello, all. After ALL my guns and gear vanished from my screen in Region 31, UGH!, I decided to start over, but not with the $ or the "gusto" I had before. To those of you to which it hasn't happened, it's a rather deflating and disappointing, not to mention expensive, experience. It wasn't so much the $ I spent (guns and gear) or the time wasted (I was in Region 31!), which bummed me out, but I guess it was my disenchantment with the game, and total astonishment with the indifference of its creators, getting absolutely no help from GLU. (DUH!) That's when I started playing PvP. After reading some of the Forum posts, winning, placing or showing seemed impossible. After playing some, I was inclined to agree. But I'm here to tell you, it is possible! I won the most recent Challenger Series! Up until now, I'd taken a 3rd. and a 5th., but quit after a while after going up against, what seemed like every time, sharpshooters Annie "bot" Oakley and Wyatt "bot" Earp, and waited for the next series to come around. Well, I did it, and so can you! Perseverance is the key. I may be making it harder on myself to win, (hello, GLU, and other players), but there it is. Good luck, and maybe I'll see you in the next series! P.S. If I knew how to post a screenshot, I would. Sorry.


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