Ways to improve Deer Hunter

Duck76Duck76 Registered Users 909 Posts
1. Get rid of the bugs. Stop annoying me with freezing or ending hunts prematurely, dogs hunts, or any contract hunts. It wastes my time and resources.
2. Stop putting me back on Region 1 when I log in.
3. Do a consummable, gold and eagle only crate or let us trade certain comsummables in for others we need. Or make all comsummables by trade by gold. Instead on rare calls and animal calls in the plus box where you go to get supplies or gold for sale.
4. Do rare hunts and elite hunts for every region.
5. Do bounties for new regions and events.
6. Put the level you’re on back on the hunt when you hunt, so you know how far away you are from leveling up without going back to the main screen.
7. Improve the crates. I have a dog, that needs 60 tokens for tracking, all others use 15, and I haven’t finished leveling it up and haven’t seen the tokens for three months.
8. Increase the percentage cut on OTO’s when paying for guns involving gold only.
9. Make trophy hunts brain shots only.
10. Make the awards and season length on PvP different, or let us choose the difficulty for them. Like the CTS in Deer Hunter 2017.
11. Allow us to have 12 or 15 total bars of energy, subject to a price in gold. If you are going to have a free energy for a video, do it, like you used to.
12. Be more consistent. A hunt for eight pigs that take four shots a piece or deer also, shouldn’t get 70 seconds, when a six or 12 hunt one with one shot get Two minutes. Especially when they come one at a time, or all at once and you don’t have the time to get them all or wait for more. Put a bird hunt on all regions please. And no more than two hunts for one animal per region. Do not use Pacific Northwest Region Scenery for Mexico either. It makes you look stupid. And don’t use the same scenery from a previous region for a new region. Use some new animals. Use bats on bird hunts. Same with gun power. If I win the 54 AR and hunt on 53, it should kill with one shot and faster.
Another area you don’t make sense in.
Anyone else concur?


  • deadlygrandmadeadlygrandma Registered Users, Member 4 Posts
    Hi Duck76,
    Do they even read this forum???
    There are so many things that could be improved in this game. A couple that I concur with

    - on my phone (Galaxy S8) the hunt freezes for about half a second about three seconds after the hunt starts. does this every hunt without fail, not a big deal but annoying
    - reset to region 1 is annoying. some way to search for region would be handy - rather than swiping through
    - make the rewards fit the effort. the rewards in the Hidden Regions are a joke compared to the cost to acquire the weapons. You spend tens of thousands of platinum coins to buy and upgrade a bow and get hunt rewards of 10 or 15 platinum coins. same with the special event hunts - by the time you buy and upgrade the weapons required the rewards paid for the hunts are wiped out
    - crate system - there has to be a better way, it is so random. Allow blueprints etc to be purchased with GLUs, Bucks or Coins directly, rather than having to do the lucky dip thing and rarely getting what you want

    - I like the contract hunts, good for when you need to build up $ for purchases & upgrades

    My Suggestions
    - allow sound effects and music to be turned down or off. I like to listen to music when playing and don't want the game sounds intruding
    - provide an option to turn off the slo-mo kill replay. I find this a bit embarrassing when playing in public and it slows the game play down
    - you cannot add weapon mods to crossbows because you can't win them in crates - because they don't exist!! You can win bow mods but these can't be applied to crossbows. How do you add a mod to a crossbow when they don't exist?
    - allow a weapon to be upgraded without it being selected. It's frustrating when you want to upgrade a weapon you aren't using that you have to find the weapon - load it then upgrade it.
    - allow more than two weapons to be selected - one from each type would be handy
    - the reward for reaching a new level is insulting - 1 glu coin!! surely this reward should increase as you reach higher levels - I am at over level 100 and still just get 1 coin as a level up reward, pointless
    - make it clear which shop weapons can be used in PVP leagues. that way when on sale or when in the shop, it is easier to invest in useful weapons
    - some PVP hunts have a strong bias for one hunter, because of the position they start in. example is Jackals in Challenger Series 5. The hunter on the right has an advantage as it is very difficult for the hunter on the left to see the jackals entering from the right (the first jackals always appear from the right) . Put both hunters in the same spot - we don't need to see the other avatar, this would make each hunt unbiased
    - PVP avatars - give some choice to the shooter appearance
    - Tier upgrades - give some choice to the gun colours/finishes (some upgrades are just ugly)
    - allow some options on game button placement (sometimes I hit reload instead of fire, or zoom instead of move) - be good to space them out a bit or move
    - why do we have to keep upgrading gun sights - surely they can be moved from one rifle to another?
    - why do we need such huge magnifications to complete the trophy hunt, most can be done with about 20X mag, not 50 or 60X

    DeadlyGrandma / DeadlyPants
  • KillerinstintKillerinstint Registered Users 135 Posts
    Finally they get rid of the dog's blue energy bar and put the level bar back on the home screen. The game still reboot itself after collecting gold video. It is very annoying . Just passed 455 TRILLIONS HB and level 424.
  • swanybdsswanybds Registered Users 68 Posts
    I would be happy with a save game and a play or load saved game option so you don’t lose you progress when you upgrade devices. Restoring all your data from this game is very difficult. The rebooting when playing the videos is annoying.
  • swanybdsswanybds Registered Users 68 Posts
    I am at 154 trillion an just shy of 100,000 gold
  • Duck76Duck76 Registered Users 909 Posts
    Passed 330 trillion. Level 404.
    Thanks for the feedback on the game. Two weeks till next Region.
    Would love to get to 400 trillion.
  • Duck76Duck76 Registered Users 909 Posts
    Glu, thanks for giving me back bonus videos after going over two months without them.
    They can stop being all 1 gold videos. They’re very annoying. Try three or five. Rather not have any, than get nothing but 1 gold ones. Have had 5 already today. And it’s only 4:30 PST. Enough is enough.
    Same with nothing but hollow points on the free spin wheel and 1 gold on the 300 diamond eagle spin.
  • FasnoonFasnoon Registered Users 6 Posts
    Finally they get rid of the dog's blue energy bar and put the level bar back on the home screen. The game still reboot itself after collecting gold video. It is very annoying . Just passed 455 TRILLIONS HB and level 424.
    I have an iPhone 7... Please could you tell me how you did a game save and moved your game progress to your new device? Or are you playing without upgrading your phone?

     Thank you 
  • swanybdsswanybds Registered Users 68 Posts
    Hook your current iPhone to your computer, be sure you have iTunes installed on the computer before you hookup your iPhone. When you hookup up your iPhone to the computer iTunes will start. On your iPhone you will be asked to trust this computer, click yes or accept. Look for your iPhone icon and click on it. A menu will open up giving you options to upgrade system and backup or restore. Click on backup to computer and also click on encrypted. Click backup and let it backup your current iPhone. When it is done hookup your new device and click on restore. When done everything on your old device will now be on your new device.
  • Sonic98Sonic98 Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    I wish they would spread out the controls just a little and move them away from the edge some. Also, I really stop caring about doing Trophy hunts to go to next region when I realize the game never changes.  You still spend way more in upgrades than you win on all the hunts 
  • DinoHunterfanDinoHunterfan Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    Hello, This is Nichloas Comer. Can i just say im a fan of both your video games - Dino Hunter Deadly Shores and Deer Hunter Classic. ive been making my own thoughts and opinions on what to do with the changes of making the games a whole lot better than shooting animals and dinosaurs, because ive been busy with making my own drawings of how make Deer Hunters and Dino Hunters fall in love with those creatures instead of hurting them. So ive been making my own storyboards for both Deer Hunter and Dino Hunter and my general thoughts are i like it better when their was going to be two teams, in which one team would would be (The gatherers) protecting both the animals and dinosaurs, while the other team would be (The Hunters) that would hurt both the animals and dinosaurs. I found some ideas from one company called Univeral that does the whole Jurassic park franchise, in which ive made some progress on both companies Ingen and Biosyn. I did read the Trophy hunt Inscriptions and i thought this would be good if you would've made Dino Hunter Deadly Shores for those dinosaurs like putting them into two teams, like one team would be some dinosaurs that have trophy hunt colors on their skin working for Biosyn, while the other team for some dinosaurs that don't have trophy hunt colors on their skin would working for Ingen. The same would be for Deer Hunter Classic for when one team would be protecting the baby animals from the other animals from the trophy Hunts that were going to kill them. All im really saying is that the Trophy Hunt Inscriptions are more important then to stick with your own ideas for when they were both released back in the early 2010s for having other people thinking that when you repeat the same dinosaurs and animals that were from the trophy Hunts, but i kind of wish their was a fight scene for some of the action packed movies that were both dinosaur and animal alike that ive been watching like a few hundred times. So Please for the love of god if theirs any way you can do it. Can i please have some action scenes from both Dino Hunter Deadly Shores and Deer Hunter Classic. Look you can call me crazy but, i need to know what the trophy hunt dinosaurs and animals are really up, because ive been busy doing drawings and giving them to both the Museum Of Natural History and the Zoos, but Know one would seem to care about both Dino Hunter Dealy Shores and Deer Hunter Classic and its a bumer when they have other Thoughts and Opinions for their own problems. So i am siding with the other gamers, because i have friends out there in the world that appreciate it if you follow my understanding on Dino Hunter Deadly Shores and Deer Hunter Classic of how to make a better video game, because if i don't get a reply from you guys out there that are working on both video games than it won't be any good and i'll be another person saying "Hey this my opinion?" for what im saying. So whatever your own thoughts and opinions happen to be. I would love to hear from you guys.
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