Just not the same

swanybdsswanybds Registered Users 67 Posts
We miss you duck! It is just not the same without you and your expertise!


  • swanybdsswanybds Registered Users 67 Posts
  • Duck76Duck76 Registered Users 909 Posts
    I'm here. So is region 60.
    I'm still on hiatus from hunting. Doing the trophy hunts, but that's it for now.
    Thank you for valuing my input. I will probably start playing again, but not extensively.
  • THOR147THOR147 Registered Users 39 Posts
    Good to hear from you again missed those extensive break downs of regions upgrade costs still progressing  slowly  region 17 now.Lack of platinum  eagles  and earning them makes hidden regions hard lots of grind hope you can find a way that suits  your issues within the game so  that you are still able to play .your input as always is appreciated 
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