Why I can not use my modes?

FOUCOULTFOUCOULT Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
5 days before when I want to use a mode for my rifle I have seen nothing under available modes. But I knew that I had lot of modes. I am in Region 58 and level 161. I have written to costumer care, they said send us screen shots. I did, on hunters crate I see under the modes howmany Modes I have already and I sent screenshot, but in rifle upgrate when I push + button there is no mode also sent screen shot. It was 5 days before almost every day I am sending a message to fix my problem beside they still not fixed my problem even they haven’ replied me and still waiting. Their name is Costumer Care but they don’t care customers. I have send them maybe more then 20 screenshots and messages.No reply. I don’t know what should I say but I am sure everybody understand what I wanna say !!!
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