Dog Adventures Issues

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I'm currently having an issue with unlocking Dog Adventures, which has always (to my knowledge) been unlocked for players after completing the second Trophy Hunt in Region 1. My roommate successfully unlocked Dog Adventures this way just a couple weeks ago.

I'd been playing for several weeks and am currently on Standard Region 4. Dog Adventures has not unlocked, which definitely seems like a bug. I checked the FAQ, which stated that Dog Adventures should be unlocked (as I thought) after the second Trophy Hunt in Region 1. So, I contacted Customer Support through the game application.

They told me that Dog Adventures isn't unlocked until you complete Trophy Hunts in Region TEN. This is obviously untrue. I pointed out that my friend had already unlocked it, far before Region 10, and that their own FAQ stated that it should be unlocked during Region 1. Days later, after continuously attempting to get them to acknowledge my ticket (which had been automatically marked as "resolved" before I could reply), they changed their FAQ to "Standard Region 10" and told me that they had updated the game "some time ago" and "not changed the FAQ."

That's obviously not true, as I watched my friend unlock Dog Adventures hardly a couple weeks ago. What's going on here? Is this a bug they just don't want to deal with because most people stop playing before Region 10? Am I being strung along?


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    How to up level 1 to 2 dog adventure?
  • qzzqzz Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    edited March 2019
    Iam finish rare n legendary
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    Dog Adventures is unlocked after you complete Standard Region 10, Trophy hunt 1 already 😃 i‘m surprised 💪🏻

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