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The Story Begins on an island called Isla Nublar, where the Ingen Dino Hunters from the dinosaur company called International Genetic Technologies found The Mother Crystal inside Nublar's volcano Mount Sibo. After they got The Mother Crystal on display at Jurassic World for Masrani's theme park, everybody was having a great time seeing the dinosaurs that didn't have Trophy Hunt colors on their skin like the male stegoceras named Basher, Crash the male pachycephalosaurus, Randall the male iguanodon, Agis the male styracosaurus, Batterhull the male ankylosaurus, Lone Chieftain the male pentaceratops, Hammerhead the male parasaurolophus, Radnad the male corythosaurus and many more dinosaurs that Ingen made from the lab. Everything was going perfect until Ingen's rival company Biosyn was coming to Isla Nublar to steal The Mother Crystal to take control over the island and wait for the Head of Biosyn (Lewis Dodgson) to recreate his own theme park in his own image, but Ingen won't let them take what they want in order to protect both the guests and dinosaurs from bringing chaos on Nublar. When the Ingen Dino Hunters were killed by the crystal sinraptor named Crystalis, Dodgson has the power of The Mother Crystal to recreate his own theme park and that no one will stop him. The battle of Ingen's freedom begins with the Ingen dinosaurs that don't have Trophy Hunt colors on their skin like Tyrannos the male tyrannosaurus rex, Havoc the male proceratosaurus, Basher the male stegoceras, Crash the male pachycepalosaurus, Agis the male styracosaurus, Batterhull the male ankylosaurus, Lone Chieftain the male pentaceratops, Randall the male iguanodon, Hammerhead the male parasaurolophus and Radnad the male corythosaurus face against the Biosyn dinosaurs that do have Trophy Hunt colors on their skin like Adder the male hypsilophodon, Krag the male stegosaurus, Cinder the male Velociraptor Mongoliensis, Chameleon the male staurikosaurus, Crowned Dragon the male guanlong, Razorback the male kentrosaurus, Cardinal the male monolophosaurus, Bastion the male ankylosaurus, Lizard Eater the male allosaurus, Ember the male pachycephalosaurus, Spike the male styracosaurus, Stalker the male dromaeosaurus, Zircon the male carnotaurus, Vicious the male tyrannosaurus rex, The Viper the male utahraptor, Ragnarok the male triceratops, Gloom the male edmontonia, Loki the male sinraptor and Crystalis the male crystal sinraptor. The Mother Crystal is in Biosyn's hands until Claire Dearing and Owen Grady confront with Lewis Dodgson while Tyrannos the male tyrannosaurus rex deals with Crystalis the male crystal sinraptor in order for Ingen to protect The Mother Crystal, they must not let it fall into Biosyn's own hands or Isla Nublar will be taken over by their rival company. Meanwhile Vic Hoskins team from Ingen's Security stops Ragnarok the male triceratops that destroys the monorail track for when the guests are in trouble. Owen grady is trying to stop Lewis dodgson from ever getting his hands on The Mother crystal, while both Claire Dearing and Havoc the male proceratosaurus protects The Mothe Crystal for when Tyrannos the male tyrannosaurus rex finishes off Crystalis the male crystal sinraptor with Tyrannos using his bone crushing teeth, he grabs the sinraptor with his mouth, he crushes the neck and ends the crystal sinraptor for good. The film ends with Ingen celebrating for their success on defeating Biosyn, but their rival company might be back soon.
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