Can not access weapon shop

I cant access the weapon shop, and without that i cant advance due to not being able to get a better riffle


  • Cfodder13Cfodder13 Registered Users 10 Posts
    Anyone else have this issue?
    Admin's any update on fixing this?
  • Cfodder13Cfodder13 Registered Users 10 Posts
    Well I officially had to remove the game. I initially removed it to re-install and see if that fixed the issue. Well it didn't and now i cant even get out of the tutorial because it forces you to enter the weapon shop. As I have pointed out the game reloads every time i hit the weapon shop button.

    Maybe someday an admin will give me an update on this issue, and maybe I will reinstall the game
  • GlamazonGlamazon Registered Users 498 Posts
    Please submit a ticket for your issue here:
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