Club Hunts (how do they work/payout?)

Could someone please explain to me the process on how these club hunts work? How do they pay out?


  • WUS-WUSWUS-WUS Registered Users 204 Posts
    I'm wondering the same thing
  • lbuck28lbuck28 Registered Users 1 Posts
    I would also like to know how they pay out the reward.
  • TjoopsTjoops Registered Users 3 Posts
    I just read somewhere else that club hunts don't work on android, which is the way I play, so if u guys are using android, let's hope the attend to this very soon! Best to all of u hunters out there... Tjoops
  • WUS-WUSWUS-WUS Registered Users 204 Posts
    There are dollar amounts associated with each hunt and fare that ht gets closed you get that money eventually. But I don't know what the club hunt icon means?
  • pistoffpistoff Registered Users 865 Posts
    You take part in hunts where so many thousands of one animal type need to be killed before the hunt ends and it needs to be done within a given time, too. You get a small payout for taking part then a larger one when all the animals are killed. I just got a payout of nearly 12,000 bucks for a club hunt I did a few days ago and have just killed some pheasants in a region 7 that pays out around 14,000.
  • pistoffpistoff Registered Users 865 Posts

    Here's a screenshot of the club hunt page on my iPad. As you can see the requirements for the selected hunt is to kill 171,351 pheasants and that there is a clock ticking down. If all the pheasants are killed before the time runs out everyone who took part gets the 14,424 bucks. I'm sure I've taken part more times than I've been paid, though!
  • slowride109slowride109 Registered Users 15 Posts
    You can only play each one once unless you buy club hunt permits and you will only get paid for the ones that you hunt if you check out the club hunts or play another after it has been replaced by a new hunt. They are nice if you don't need the hunter bucks right away...
  • Ga8or22Ga8or22 Registered Users 34 Posts
    Club hunts, from what I have seen are useless, and the 50K I have earned are just wasted effort. The Club hunts suck BIG TIME
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