Region 7 rare hunts

Tyman2222Tyman2222 Junior MemberRegistered Users 58 Posts
I just got into region 7 and did the first 2 trophy hunts, 17 mission hunts, and a couple of the predator and onslaught hunts, and there is no rare hunt icon or the holiday hunts. Why isn't there a rare hunt?


  • pistoffpistoff Advanced Member Registered Users 865 Posts
    From memory, I think region 7 came after the holiday hunts had already started...?
  • Tyman2222Tyman2222 Junior Member Registered Users 58 Posts
    So why is there no rare hunt?
  • PlanB66PlanB66 New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    There are rare hunts, I'm not sure how to get them to appear, I did some club hunts in all the regions, and finally a rare hunt came up
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