remove the limits on rare hunts to stop the haters

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Face it, it takes minutes to get through new event content then it is back to drudgery with no rewards (hunter bucks quickly become worthless once you finish the last region.) By removing the rare hunt limit there would be replay value to earn plat coins and keep people excited. Replaying the same contact hunts ad nauseum gets the natives restless and then people get annoyed when 10 minutes of new event content is added, the glu flame threads start, then the gluadmin censors try to shut it down but the damage is done whether they censor it or not because they are only airing the sentiment of what others already feel. It would take nothing to remove the rare hunt limits but would be a huge boost for player excitement.


  • biggamepisalbiggamepisal Registered Users 115 Posts
    My biggest issue, and yes, I've been vocal about it, is the empty promises made by Glu about tons of eagles. Having to buy and upgrade guns I will never use again and then upgrade them with hard earned gold or platinum which I am trying to obtain is ridiculous. The bounties were great. I thought we had turned the corner. I like and support your idea.
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    Variety of hunts is the key to keep this game fun to play. Glu's management of currency/rewards is a combo of keeping player retention/loyalty and making real money to sustain their business through the purchase of gold. As a compromise I agree that Glu should give us as much access to what they have created for us to play which doesn't have to include currency rewards. Although it's better for us players to continue to be incentivized with rewards, the real reward we want most is playing the game. So what do you think about the idea that Glu doesn't end the option of playing hunts after we have completed them for the currency rewards and they could reset the bounties section in order to gain the minimal rewarded currency we gain by completing it again?

    If Glu continues to modify the trophy hunts to make them more challenging I would love to play them again with or without the reward.
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    I think one thing people are overlooking is, not everyone plays this game as much as we do! The average player probably kills a little time a couple of times a week, and when their energy runs out, they don't think about it again for a while. That's how I played the game the first couple of months. Most of us are sailing through levels, and then get bored playing the same old contract hunts over and over. I think the next time there is an event, I'm not going to play it every time until it's finished. Maybe alternate a few contract hunts to keep them around longer. I did that with the region hunts on 10, and it gave me something new to play for a little longer. We all want more content, but I think the guys who enjoy the game enough to register and post on a message board are the vocal minority. I like the ideas you guys have presented, and I also appreciate Glu creating a game you can play for free if you are patient!
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  • David TDavid T Registered Users 1,055 Posts
    blue ridge wrote: »
    I think one thing people are overlooking is, not everyone plays this game as much as we do! The average player probably kills a little time a couple of times a week, and when their energy runs out, they don't think about it again for a while.

    That's a good point and if Glu's advertising income is based on the perceived popularity based on the amount of downloads only, that would make sense that they structure the game around new players that don't play as frequently. However you're probably right that the majority doesn't care to purchase gold or watch advertisements. As an advertiser it wouldn't make any difference if DH was downloaded a billion times if players weren't clicking on the advertisement page/individual offers. The counterpoint to that is advertisers are not interested in a 100 players watching their advertisements a billion times.
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  • blue ridgeblue ridge Registered Users 442 Posts
    As a Facebook player, no ads for me. I'm almost glad I don't have the option!
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  • biggamepisalbiggamepisal Registered Users 115 Posts
    Really good thoughts davidt
  • DjRadNaDDjRadNaD Registered Users 1,448 Posts
    I dont agree with vid or biggame, because the developers want to limit the eagles for reasons.
    However, one of the ideas here (i think it was david's), got me thinking...

    They used to have the rare hunts pop up randomly in each region after a few hunts in the standard region, If they brought that back and included it with club hunts, It would add a little extra surprise hunt to add a little more change in the game, instead of the same animals in club hunts and about 10 contract hunts in each region that I basically have memorized. This way every 10 hunts we get a random hunt (one of maybe 100 options) and we can kill turkeys, zombies, things we dont usually see, and have never seen in a club hunt where we get to rack up as many kills as possible, with a good reward, maybe more bucks like before, or maybe 1 gold. I would say eagles, but like I said they purposely gave us the number of eagles they did, or at least maybe lol
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  • beerhunterbeerhunter Registered Users 277 Posts
    ...keeping rare/trophy/event hunts open could cannibalize future sales of gold if eagles are awarded... eagles will and must be kept scarce as in essence the eagles only have the function to sort of disguise the (same old) need for gold. without rewards keeping the hunts open seems just fine but would in a way 'degrade' them to normal contract hunts i guess...?

    in the past i think we could clearly record that glu listens to us users and implemented inputs from the forum; the forum and constructive criticism are extremely valuable in my opinion. still there's one thing i'd like to say from an economical standpoint:

    i'm still amazed how many out here (not particularly in this thread but in general) are moaning and whining 'gimme this, gimme that' when it seems absolutely clear that glu is an exchange listed company whose only goal is to earn money. (no doubt some of the developers might even shoot some deer just for fun in their spare time but this isn't the point.) so the deal is really easy to understand: we the customer get entertainment in return for... - what do you think? - ... right, money!

    when was the last time your favorite gas station guy gave you a half a tank for free? when the store manager at wal-mart looked at your bag and went 'yeah, it's ok, just keep it, we don't take any money from you today'...?

    so all i'm trying to say is, when glu tries to sell us weapons we'll never use again (or anything else where gold / real cash is needed) that is distinctively part of their business. think, even a glu developer probably has a family to feed, a rent to pay, he maybe even likes to go out for a drink once in a while...

    let me propose everybody out here DEMANDING and weeping 'i want this and that for free' please state the amount she or he donated (GIVING something) to glu.

    no, i'm not in any way affiliated with the company and don't own any of their stock.

    bottom line: i like the game, the graphics, the sound, the concept. if you do too just be grateful for what we get for free or you might even be willing to spend a few bucks. if you don't like the game as provided then simply uninstall it from your device. DavidT so eloquently put it: the real reward is playing the game!

    happy hunting!
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    Very, very well said beerhunter! Where do I send your 24 case to! Lol!! I'd like to add that the next hidden region have multiple hoops to jump through to unlock, and once it is unlocked, have another 80 hunts in the series. Something that would take us awhile to complete! And for newcomers to the game know that it will always be there when they get to it. Just like hidden region 1.
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    I agree this is all about profit for glu, and to help them extract my hard earned money they need to make replayability more rewarding even if that is just making it more varied. I have always thought I would much rather pay $10 for this game to play all hunts all the time rather than this freemium version that closes off hunt series. I wonder if the pencil pushers at glu have considered how much they could make by offering a one time fee game to guys like me. It would have to be one time fee though, endless micro transactions scare me cuz they can add up to heck of a lot so I never do those. But $10 x a lot of users could make their quarterly earnings look good. As it stands now they have gotten nothing from me. I WANT to pay them money and they don't seem to want it. What a weird business model... (no club hunts for me either because I am android... Sigh...)
  • beerhunterbeerhunter Registered Users 277 Posts
    ...revenues must progress along with cost... say, just as an example, you (and me and some others) had paid $10 back in november, this might have paid for up to region 8 or so (still, just an example). if then development / new regions would have stopped we would be unhappy saying 'but hey, i paid my $10, why ain't i getting at least a hundred regions for it'... -- other way 'round: bring out a new region / event / guns / whatever, see if people jump on it (and buy gold), and if yes, salaries are paid for further development...
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