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I’ve made an occasional sensible suggestion, but now I’m afraid I’ve succumbed to the corrupting influence of some of the more free-thinking individuals on the forum. In that vein, here are a few concepts for new environments…

Or, to more-or-less paraphrase a famous Brando line;

“Hey, Johnny, what’re you shooting at?”

“… whaddya got?”

Chernobyl: a politically incorrect step further on from Zombies. Irradiated mutants! No night-vision goggles required as all glow in the dark.

Ghost World: ghosts, spirits, goblins and ectoplasm. Blast them to atoms with a proton particle beam rifle.

Harry Land: As a tribute to Ray Harryhausen, all the animals are in skeletal form and can only be blown to bits with a mega shotgun.

Monsters!: Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Ghidorah... Don’t know about the copyright issues though. Chain and Gatling guns! Love the tracers. 20mm recoilless rifle!

Aliens: Hunters are always encountering them out in the woods, right?

Transylvania: Vampire bats, werewolves, dragons. All fall to silver bullets, especially if they’re big enough caliber.

Pacific Deep: yes, underwater. Seals, sharks, giant squid, manta rays, killer whales. Weapons range from spear guns to assault rifles (and there is such a thing as an underwater assault rifle: Russian Spetsnaz use them).

Hmmm… wait a minute… perhaps that last one isn’t so far fetched…

I’ve saved the best for last. My absolute favorite…

Toonland: feral pigs (Porky, Miss Piggy), wild dogs (Goofy, Snoopy, Scooby-Doo), bears (Yogi, Boo-Boo, Fozzie), rabbits (Bugs, Roger, Easter), horses (Mr. Ed, Quick Draw McGraw), ducks (Daffy, Donald, Huey, Dewey, Louie), cats (Garfield, Cheshire, Sylvester, Top), lions (Cowardly, Simba), tigers (Tony, Tigger)… ahh… you get the idea. Bullets that stop and go around corners!


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    DjRadNaDDjRadNaD Registered Users 1,448 Posts
    hahahahahaha, yes! my hat is off to you!

    I hope that glu sends you a fat check in the mail for this, or at least offers you some gold!

    Which makes me think, I wouldnt mind 1 gold for each question I answer on here ;)
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    blue ridgeblue ridge Registered Users 442 Posts
    Love your ideas! If even the hidden regions had different eras of dinosaurs, ice age landscapes, and so forth, and the standard hunts had real game animals, I would be excited for it. A Bigfoot trophy hunt would be pretty fun. They would HAVE to make it more difficult, though.
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    Jesus LivesJesus Lives Registered Users 123 Posts
    That's funny stuff
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    straightshooterstraightshooter Registered Users 1,231 Posts
    Thats some gosh darn good rootin tootin shooting right there! Bring back elma fudd
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    beerhunterbeerhunter Registered Users 277 Posts
    can we put spongebob on the list? and where... pacific, toon, both?

    got holes already...
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    straightshooterstraightshooter Registered Users 1,231 Posts
    Don't forget the yeti and sasquash hunts
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    muskoxmuskox Registered Users 131 Posts
    Really? Creative, but please, go create zombie hunter 2015 and leave this game alone.
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